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22 plants that grow fast

22 plants that grow fast

You want to have an orchard or garden overflowing with beautiful plants and you don’t want to wait long for them. The most normal thing would be for anyone to tell you to buy them already grown or not to ask for impossible things, but don’t despair yet, as there are some plants that develop in a short time.

In this EcologíaVerde article we are going to see 22 plants that grow fast and that do not require great care so that, in a simple way, you can show off your garden in record time.

Fast growing plants for the garden

If what you are looking for is to fill your garden to be able to collect an abundant harvest soon, these are going to be your best options for fast growing garden plants:

  • Lettuce: lettuce is a vegetable that only needs constant watering to grow healthy and strong in a very short time. The fastest varieties can be harvested in just a month from germination.
  • Green peas: Peas are another vegetable speedster when it comes to growth: they germinate in about 10 days, and two months later their pods can be harvested. In addition, they are plants that enrich the soil with nitrogen, so they act as natural fertilizer.
  • Radish: water your radishes abundantly and in just a month they will be ready to be picked.
22 Fast Growing Plants - Fast Growing Plants for the Garden

Plants that grow fast in a pot

If you prefer to liven up your home quickly with indoor or potted plants, pay attention to these species:

  • Lavender: Lavender is an aromatic plant that, in addition to providing its characteristic and pleasant smell, is very resistant. It doesn’t require much light or is very fussy about the weather, so as long as it gets plenty of natural light, it will grow very quickly.
  • Mint: mint is another aromatic that requires very little care to develop quickly and also acts as a mosquito repellent. As long as it gets plenty of water, it will stay green and constantly growing. If you are interested in having it at home, we recommend you consult this guide to Caring for the mint plant in a pot.
  • Potho or pothos: This is a very popular indoor plant, highly valued aesthetically for its hanging plant characteristics and for the undemanding nature of its cultivation.
22 plants that grow fast - Plants that grow fast in a pot

plants that grow fast in water

Below we list some of the plants that grow fast in waterbecause they can take root and grow in a few days and just by submerging them in this:

  • Bamboo: This plant of Asian origin is highly valued for its rapid growth, which allows it to cover gardens or plots of land in record time. By simply submerging the lower end of a stem in a container of water, it will not take long for it to take root and grow at full speed.
  • Rosemary: another aromatic plant that, in this case, is enough for a bunch of its stems to be submerged in water so that they take root quickly.
  • Tulip: This bulb of well-known and beautiful flowers only needs to be placed in a container with a small amount of water that does not cover it completely, and it will not take long to start growing.
22 plants that grow fast - Plants that grow fast in water

fast growing aquarium plants

An aquarium without plants is never the same. If you want to beautify yours in a very short time, take a look at these fast growing aquarium plants:

  • Fox tail: It is a highly recommended aquarium plant for beginners, as it is very resistant and spreads very easily naturally from the pieces that come off. It is vertical and very fast growing.
  • Java moss: This plant, of easy maintenance, must be fixed to some element of the aquarium, since it does not have roots. However, once it has adapted to its location, it spreads with great speed, upholstering the surfaces at its disposal.
  • elodea: This plant of American origin is so fast growing and easy to adapt that it is a very dangerous invasive species in the natural environment. It gives a large number of small leaves that create a leafy effect.

fast growing bushes

Also exist fast growing shrubs that you can plant in your land or garden if you want it to be lush in a short time:

  • Hydrangeas: this is one of the quintessential shrubs in homes. Also, it does well both in the ground and in large pots and can be seen with a variety of flower colors. If you decide to have one, it will help you to consult this guide on Pruning hydrangeas: how and when to do it.
  • Cornel: this bush grows very fast and in winter it looks spectacular in shades of red, orange and yellow. Its flowers are soft in color and in clusters.
  • Forsythia: this one is really fast, with woody branches and flowers in shades of yellow. It grows very well whether we plant it in the sun or in a semi-shade area.

fast growing trees

There are some fast growing trees they do it at a spectacular speed and, in fact, there are some that can grow more than a meter each year. Here are some of them:

  • Willow: This species is highly valued in gardens due to its great ability to provide shade and create pleasant corners.
  • Birch: Birches, which can reach 30 meters in height, are trees that are very resistant to cold and have their greatest growth season in spring.
  • Mimosa: This species is highly appreciated for its ability to add color and its pleasant aroma to any garden in winter, a season in which most plants remain dormant.
  • Kiri: It is also known as the empress tree and it is very fast growing and, in fact, it is considered one of the best options to plant and help the planet recover from atmospheric pollution. Here we explain more about the kiri tree, a great ally of the planet.
22 Fast Growing Plants - Fast Growing Trees

fast growing fruit trees

Finally, if you want to enjoy your own fruit without having to wait long periods of time, these are the fast growing fruit trees What we recommend:

  • Peach tree: This is one of the fastest growing fruit trees that exist, as it is known for being able to reach up to 6 meters in height in a single year.
  • Coconut tree: Although it is not a tree, the coconut palm is a fruit tree. And in fact it is one of the fastest growing, especially in hot and temperate climates.
  • Lemon Tree: This fruit tree spread throughout the world is not so popular by chance. Its fruits are highly valued, and its growth is fast and very undemanding.

In this other EcologíaVerde post we show you more about which are the hedges and trees that grow the fastest.

22 plants that grow fast - Fruit trees that grow fast

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